Best Health Insurance Companies of 2022


The insurer also sells Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) in all 50 states. 36 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans sold in 30 states received top NCQA ratings (4.0 or greater) in 2021. Since November 28, 2018, the company has been a subsidiary of CVS Health. Henry Leavitt Ellsworth, Yale graduate and attorney, became the second president of Aetna (Fire) Insurance Company. Eliphalet Bulkeley blocked a move to liquidate the company during the economic downturn.

Life insurance policy sales grew during the American Civil War. Aetna was founded in 1888 and began offering health insurance in 1891. The company’s headquarters are the largest colonial-revival building in the world. Aetna hired its first female employees in 1908, using keypunch machines for tabulating mortality statistics. Several Aetna insureds were killed on the RMS Titanic. The company expanded outside the United States in 1960 by buying Excelsior Life Insurance Company of Canada and Producers & Cooperative Assurance Company of Australia.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

One out of three Americans has Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage. The BCBSA was formed in 1982 from the merger of its two namesake organizations. It claims to control access to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield trademarks across the U.S. and more than 170 other countries. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. “Further information” article includes no mention of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association or health insurance in general.

Please help improve this article if you can. (Learn how and when to remove this template message). In 1982, Blue Shield merged with The Blue Cross Association to form the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. In 1994, BCBS changed to allow its licensees to be for-profit corporations. They also act as administrators of Medicare in many states or regions of the U.S.


Cigna is No. 13 in the 2021 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. Cigna sells medical plans in 12 states and dental plans in all 49, plus D.C. It has 17 million medical customers worldwide served by a global network of 1.5 million healthcare professionals. Cigna was formed by the 1982 merger of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and INA Corporation. In 2013, Cigna operated in 30 countries, had approximately 35,800 employees and managed around US$53.734 billion in assets.

It was alleged in violation of the Securities Exchange Act for earnings manipulation in 2002. In June 2015, U.S. health insurer Anthem Inc. announced that it would acquire Cigna for $47 billion in cash and stock. On July 21, 2016, the US Justice Department filed an antitrust suit to block the proposed merger. Cigna Global Health Benefits is a business unit within Cigna. The company is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, close to Philadelphia. CGHB maintains its own, in-house international claims platform, and offers a network of physicians and hospitals for its members (including 550,000 in the U.S.).


Humana Inc. is a for-profit American health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky. As of 2018, Humana no longer offers individual medical plans but focuses on healthcare solutions for employers and offers Medicare plans. It has been the third largest health insurance provider in the nation. In 1974, the partners changed its name from ‘warehousing’ to ‘human care’. Humana became the world’s largest hospital company in the 1980s.

It is one of the Top 5 Most Admired Healthcare Companies in the United States. In March 2015, Humana announced the sale of Concentra for about $1 billion. In July 2015, Aetna announced that it would acquire Humana for $37 billion in cash and stock. The merger was blocked by a federal judge in January 2017. Humana is the official health benefits provider for the PGA Tour and Champions Tour.

The Humana Distaff Handicap is a Grade 1 race for thoroughbred fillies and mares, four-years-old and up. They were awarded their first TRICARE contract in 1995.

United Healthcare

Survey: 37% of consumers shop for health care on a computer or with mobile apps. UnitedHealthcare is pushing “consumer-driven digital health care”. 29 of its Medicare Advantage plans were highly rated, including several sold under the name Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company, Inc. In 1974, Richard Taylor Burke founded Charter Med. In 1977, the United HealthCare Corporation was created to reorganize the company.

In 1998, the company was reorganized as the holding of independent companies UnitedHealthcare, Ovations, Uniprise, Specialized Care Services and Ingenix. In 2008, the company acquired Sierra Health Services for $2.6 billion. In 2011, Logistics Health, Inc. of La Crosse, Wisconsin, was acquired by OptumHealth.

Harvard Pilgrim

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a non-profit health services company based in Canton, Massachusetts serving the New England region of the United States. This New England not-for-profit company has 4.5-rated plans in two states and a 4.0-rated plan in New Hampshire. The new company serves 2.4 million members in Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

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