HiPER Scientific Calculator


HiPER Scientific Calculator is a very popular online calculator that has been downloaded more than 25 million times. It features a large number of digits and can detect multiple decimals and convert them to fractions.

The calculator can also be used with various screen sizes. The multiline display can be turned on to provide a complete history of all your calculations.

The calculator comes with many features and can be customized with various themes. Some of these include its basic arithmetic operations and its various expressions.

The calculator can handle unlimited number of braces. It can also generate 3D graphs with complex functions and integrals. It can also convert multiple digits into decimals and perform other advanced number operations.

The display format is mainly used for scientific and engineering calculations. It can also handle memory operations and has 10 extended memories. It can also perform various clipboard operations.

The calculator comes with a built-in help feature that can help users manage the various features.

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